Proper Tea

Tea is not usually considered sexy. It’s proper, soothing, relaxing. It heals and warms you. When you imagine someone sexy in your head, I’m guessing they probably aren’t sipping a nice steaming cup of Earl Grey. But teas are an excellent gateway to amorous activity. So many spice, exotic flavors […]

Date Night Aphrodisiac

Stress Relief Tea: I am a tightly wound nightmare when I am stressed out. I am also fairly easy to stress out. Over the course of day-to-day life, stressful stuff comes up. I have a bad day at work, or an unexpected bill pops up, or something downright stupid happens […]

Stress Relief Tea

Cough and Cold: This year’s flu epidemic has been miserable. Everyone is getting sick. I was sick, but I’m doing a lot better thanks to my judicious application of tea, mucinex, and dayquil. The biggest issue I have with taking a crazy amount of OTC meds is the fact that […]

Cough and Cold Tea