Yep. Meat. Poppet. It’s devastating in practice. I decided to post this only because I’ve seen what I did, and damn is it effective. Keep in mind you are using raw meat in this poppet. Please make sure you wash your hands before and after the creation of this poppet so you don’t end up with E.Coli. Materials 1 lb of ground meat. I chose hamburger because it is cheap and plentiful. ½ yard of […]

Meat poppet, a poppet of meat.

The title of this post is one of the final lines from the Wiccan Rede. It is the most commonly quoted lines, and is often shortened to ‘harm none’. It is a basic tenet of Wicca, and is one of the most vehemently debated tenets, as well. For the longest time I thought ‘harm none’ was one of those very important things I must hold myself to, despite not being a wiccan. I danced around […]

An’ It Harm None, Do As Ye Will