Flying Ointment Review- Four testers, four opinions.

Handmade flying ointment

Handmade flying ointment

So, on my tumblr I recently promised a review of my flying ointment, made with Belladonna, Mugwort, and Wormwood. I made four jars, kept one for myself, and sent other jars out for testing with three other pagans.

Each one had a differing opinion, and even I found myself feeling very strongly about the effects of the ointment.

One that used it was an older gentleman- a high priest. He spoke highly of it, and said reaching the astral was much simpler after he applied the ointment. He’s also been plagued with nightmares recently, and after his evening application, he had no terrors for the night.

Another was a young woman, the apprentice. She applied it on the crown of her head. She reported that colors seemed brighter, sounds more sharp, her senses stronger. She did well in her meditations, and said it was much easier to slip across the hedge, as well.

The third was my mate- whom I had expected to use as a guinea pig in the first place. He had agreed, since he was curious about the flying ointment I had made. I gave him a smaller dose, since he has many allergies. It didn’t cause him to break out, but the belladonna didn’t exactly agree with him either. He said the sensations he felt weren’t necessarily bothersome… just uncomfortable. He said he felt a bit lightheaded, perhaps even dizzy. He didn’t attempt meditation like the others, since I was just requesting he report on the effects he felt during his test patch.

Me, on the other hand… well- I tripled the dose compared what the others used. I felt vague effects- things seemed brighter, and perhaps my hearing felt keener… but it didn’t seem strong enough to me. As my first batch, I cut my brewing time down by about 1/2 to ensure the ointment wouldn’t be too strong for a trial run of the blend. I think perhaps that may have been a mistake. I’ll probably have to either A.) make another batch or B.) melt down and re-infuse this batch. I’m contemplating perhaps gifting out this weaker batch and gathering a wider variety of critique from the group I’m in.

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