Flying Ointment; In process, and complete!

So last night I created a new flying ointment blend with Mugwort, Belladonna, and Wormwood. I was so excited when I strained it, because it was an absolutely lovely absinthe green, and smelled so lovely. My apprentice commented it looked good enough to drink, and I reminded her it would kill her to do so. She laughed.

So far I like the apprentice.


We made enough to fit comfortably in four 3 oz. jars. Just enough for personal use and testing purposes. She took a jar home with strict instructions on dosage and application. She’s already tested it, and will be using a full dose tonight now that she’s confirmed her skin plays nicely with the blend.




The completed, firmed up ointment is a lovely sage green, and very smooth. It feels like a lovely thick salve that would make your skin very soft and smooth.




This last photo shows a more accurate color of the salve. I was so surprised when I originally strained it- I wasn’t originally expecting the wormwood to tint it such a bright green color, but I think it’s a delightful surprise.

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