Graveyard Dirt; Magical uses


      Graveyard dirt is an ingredient found often within hoodoo traditions, but has carried over to American magic. Procured from a graveyard, one must come to a grave, ask for permission to take the earth from the grave (from the head, never the foot), and leave three silver coins in return. As one leaves the graveyard, they should not look back at the grave lest the spirit take it as an invitation to follow along. One should also take a winding way back home to ensure that they lose any spirits that decide to follow you home. 

        Graveyard dirt from a stranger’s grave can be added to goofer dust, hot foot powder, and many crossing and uncrossing workings. Graveyard dirt from a family member’s grave (one you were friendly with, that is) can be used in protection magic, along with cursing your enemies if they have crossed your family or are harassing you.

        Graveyard dirt is a spell ingredient that stems from hoodoo practices (supposedly, though necromantic work has been practiced as early as Ancient Greece) used in both harmful and protective magic. Graveyard dirt must be procured from an actual graveyard (yes, someone asked me that once), paid for with three silver pieces, and when you leave, you cannot look back. It is a slightly troublesome ingredient to procure (because showing up in a cemetery with a shovel is often frowned upon), but well worth it

        Graveyard dirt is typically used in detrimental or malevolent magic, is included in goofer dust, and is useful in breaking up couples and causing dissension. It can, however be protective; the dirt from a loved one's grave is made to protect, as you family can (and often will) protect you. 

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