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Hot foot powder is another hoodoo ingredient that has edged its was into the American magic scene. Made of cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, and a myriad of other distasteful ingredients from graveyard dirt to shattered snail shells, it is used to chase someone away, and give them “hot feet”. A pinch sprinkled in someone’s shoe will make them leave ASAP, or a line can be placed under the threshold of a door to chase someone out of a home. In American magic, a mixture of salt and pepper was thrown after someone as they left to ensure they never came back again.


A quick how-to: homemade hot foot powder

        The amazing thing about vodun is the open-culture practices, and the fact that so much of the information I find on it is so useful! I have made cascarilla and use it regularly, I use graveyard in my spells, and I can't live without Goofer dust (though hotfoot powder has a very special place in my heart)
        One of the very first spells I performed involved hot foot powder- a mix of cayenne, pepper, graveyard dirt and salt that I used to drive someone's deadbeat boyfriend away. 2 weeks later, he hopped on the next bus to anywhere-but-hereville and didn't come back
        Hot foot powder is a great supply to have around all the time, tucked away in a tin or jar. You never know when you need to sprinkle some in someone's shoes to get them to vamoose. Since it's very easy to make and use, it's an excellent spell ingredient to use commonly in your magic (and the cayenne repels cats in your garden, too!!)
        The simplest mix that I typically use involves salt, ground black pepper, some graveyard dirt and cayenne pepper. I've also seen the usage of sulfur, gunpowder, and bluestone, as well as eggshell and iron shavings. 
        Whenever I use hotfoot powder, I generally put a pinch in someone's shoes to get them to shoo, or throw it after someone as they leave to ensure they don't return. I've also sprinkled hot foot powder in a man's boxers to get him out of my hair and I've added a pinch into someone's pocket to keep them away for good. 
        If you want to make a batch, try this basic recipe:
2 parts cayenne pepper
2 parts salt
1 part ground black pepper
1 part graveyard dirt

1 part rust dust
1 part iron shavings
1 part sulfur
1 part cascarilla
- mix thoroughly and store in an airtight container
        The niftiest thing is that forms of hotfoot powder are found in other cultures- in the Appalachians (the center of mountain magic) black pepper and salt are thrown after someone when they leave to prevent them from returning or doing harm. 

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6 thoughts on “Magical Ingredients; Hot foot powder

    • Kamonra Post author

      I’m planning on eventually rewriting this to correct myself, because you’re 100% correct on Vodun not being the same thing as hoodoo. I wrote this 5 years ago (and updated it in 2013), and at the time I was not aware of the differences, nor the open/closed religion aspect. So yeah. Also, I’m not sure why you felt the need to comment twice. Whatever. *shrug*

  • idoyoudohoodoo

    Vodun is a closed practice. Also Hot Foot powder isn’t Vodun. It’s hoodoo which is a completely different thing. Vodun is a religion hoodoo is not. It has Prodestant or Catholic roots depending on where and who you learn it from. It however is not Vodun.

  • Jo

    Is there a substitution i can use rather than graveyard dirt, i need something possibly that is accessible in my pantry, . Im new to this.

    • Kamonra Post author

      With witchcraft, many ingredients are easy to substitute, or even remove. If you don’t have access to a graveyard, or an inability to get graveyard dirt- just skip it.