Another thing to do with Chicken Feet: Magickal tools! 2

I don’t typically use wands. I don’t really care for them. I prefer my magick to be short, sweet, and to the point without any tools or bits and bobs cluttering it up.

But I’ve noticed that some things are just easier with a wand. When I cast circle, I don’t rightly care for using my hands. I have multiple ways of casting circle, and some of them happen to require something to point with (because focusing on a point that isn’t your finger is just frickin’ easier). I don’t really have anything to point with. Or, well- I didn’t.


When I dried those chicken feet out the other day, I made one “flipping the bird” (originally as a protection charm for my car, but since chicken feet give my boyfriend the heebie jeebies, I scrapped that idea), and realized how nicely it points. I mean, it’s like a hand, but… not. It’s obvious where it points and it makes a wonderful focus tool. I attached it to a walnut branch I found while out on walkies a week or so ago, and wrapped it in 5 colors. Black as a base (since I have tons and tons and TONS of black thread), then each color for each element.

More pictures after the cut!

So… yep! That’s my wand ^_^


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