Christian Tracts; I hate them 1

I figure I went through another waitress initiation today; the receiving of the Chick Tract.

This guy was nice about it though. He wanted to talk to me about Christianity. That’s all well and good… but I was busy and had things to do (y’know…. working?)

Well, he handed me the million dollar Chick tract. He talked about it for a bit, and I accepted it. At least he wasn’t a dick and stuck it under the plate to give me hope that he gave me a $10 tip.

Instead, he left $0.35 Yep, 35 cents and a chick tract.

If you haven’t received one yet, they look something like this;


They have random celebrities on them, and all in all, they’re just rather tacky.

Sure, they work on some people (I’m sure they MUST, or those things would be completely pointless.), but they sure as shit don’t work on me. Especially when you’re trying to practice your schpiel on someone who doesn’t want to hear it, and then tipping me BADLY. I haven’t had a tip that bad since “white toast is brown” guy.

So, thanks for the random piece of paper, and for reminding me why I hate people who want to take valuable time out of your life to try and convert you (when you’re already of said opinion/religion). It’s like…

Clueless dude:”Do you like pie?”

You: “Uh… yeah?”

Clueless dude:”Well, here ten reasons you should like pie!”

You: “I already said I like pie.”

Clueless dude: “Well, here’s a pamphlet on the awesomeness of pie!!!”

You: “I hate you.”


Seriously. Take religion out of it, and add pie, and you made this conversation much more amusing. And slightly less irritating.