Pork Potstickers

Pork Potstickers

Potstickers and I are a match made in heaven. I love potstickers and dumplings, and when I was in high school I packed them all the time for lunch. We had a tiny little asian market that sold shrimp, pork, chicken and vegetarian potstickers. Every week I picked up a different flavor, and make them in the morning before school. Each day I’d neatly pack my bento box and wrap it up nice and tight (sadly, I’ve lost the majority of my bento tools along the way, so I’m down to one box to use. At one point, I had 8 so I always had a container that fit what I had made that day just so) and go off to school with a lunch I knew I liked.
I didn’t spend a bundle on the potstickers, or any of the other ingredients I purchased from that small asian food store. I got really adventerous once and picked up quail eggs. They were lovely little treats I skewered on tiny little toothpicks, and I tried nearly every exotic vegetable they had avaliable. The food was fantastic, and broadened my horizons considerably just my perusing the three narrow aisles of a tiny asian store.
Sometimes I pack myself lunches for work, so I still love to pack up my meals in my one, square bento box. Sometimes its just leftovers, others time I got all out and pack dumplings, rice, and vegetables cut into shapes that make me smile.
But I really like packing homemade potstickrs because I enjoy knowing I made them- mixing the filling by hand, and drimping them one-by-one.
Potstickers are simple, really. The ingredient list is long, but they are things you’ll use in other meals, and the filling is the most daunting part (mainly due to the fact I’m intiminated by long ingredient lists!) After that, it’s only filling and crimping, just like dumplings, pierogies, crab rangoon, tortolinni, or ravioli. You can even freeze them for future meals.

Pork Potstickers
2c napa cabbage
1/2 Tbsp salt
1/2 lb. ground pork
2 Tbsp minced onion
2Tbsp minced ginger
2Tbsp minced garlic
2Tbsp teriyaki sauce
3Tbsp sesame oil
1 egg
2c. chicken stock
1 pkg wonton wrappers (round)

-Sprinkle salt on cabbage and let stand 30m. Wring out caggage until almost dry. Mix together with pork, ginger, garlic, onion, teriyaki sauce, sesame oil and egg.
-Put 1-2Tbsp filling in center of wrapper (cornstarch dusted side down, away from filling). Fold in half and crimp edges ‘fan’ style. Set with crimps facing straight up.

-Brown bottoms of potstickers in skillet (they will stick, hence the name ‘potstickers’) on medium high heat. Once they are browned, pour in chicken broth and immediately cover and cook 5-6 minutes. Serve hot.


The best thing about these potstickers is the fact that you know exactly what is inside them. You can tweak the recipe, adding more of less of anything you like, or even make them sweet or spicy (chili oil subbed for sesame oil, adding a squeeze of siracha). If you like bacon wrapped imitation crab, chop those use and stick them in a potsticker (and yes, it’s more delicious than it sounds)
The sky is the limit- because potstickers are just a willed wonton cooked in a particular way- it is a vehicle for a filling whether sweet or savory.