Fall Apart Crockpot Pork



I love good, cheap food. I really do. And I love feeling comfortable buying in bulk. A few days ago I found a tidy little sale in pork sirloin cuts, and snatched up a long center cut. I cut it into thirds, and froze two. The third I subjected to the perils of my Crockpot (bwahahahaha!)
I rubbed it with onion and garlic powder, a bit of cumin, some salt and pepper, and stuck it on low for 10 hours (an hour before work, during work, and after while I washed dishes and prepped a side dish). It came out Fantastic. The meat fell apart in an instant and was amazing shredded and piled high on a potato bun with a squeeze of BBW sauce and a slice of provolone cheese on top. It’s a great summertime no-stove meal , or a busy workday set-it-and-forget-it meal. You could also take your whole center cut loin and rub it, and slow cook it all day, shred it and serve at a potluck with your BBQ sauce and potato rolls on the side, since you’d h ave enough to feed a small army.
After my roast was done, I also made stock. I put the leftover pork away and kept the Crockpot on, deglazed with some water and then threw in two pork bones I had in the freezer. I let them simmer all night and well into the morning before straining and freezing.