Yogurt bites (And Popsicles!)


I love yogurt; It’s tangy and sweet and has all those good bacteria inside. You can add fruit or honey or vegetables and make snacks or dip or smoothies or ice cream. It’s such a versatile, yet undervalued ingredient in the typical American Household.
What I really love, however, are frozen yogurt bits. You don’t find them in the store, you’ve got to make them yourself, but they’re totally worth it when you’re craving something cold and creamy, and don’t want to haul your bum to the grocery store for popsicles or ice cream
I usually use those 5/$1 yogurt cups you get at your local megamart- the kinda cheap ones- and I use the blended flavors instead of fruit-on-the-bottom. You just open it up and get to freezing. It’s so easy.
You could certainly get fancy- you cold make a big batch and add fruit yourself, but if I can spend $1 and made 5 different flavors, why bother?
These are fantastic food for toddlers and young kids, since they’re getting their diary and fruit in their yogurt bites, and they’re cold, so they help with sore gums when they start cutting additional teeth. You can make them as big or as small as you please, so you can ever pipe them onto sticks!
All these frozen yogurt bites take to make is a sheet pan, a ziploc bag, some scissors, and y our yogurt. Dump your yogurt into your ziploc bag and nudge it all the way down to the corner. Snip off the corner of the bag and pipe onto your baking sheet, and stick in the freezer for a few hours. Bam! Done!
And there’s no limit to how crazy you can get. Want to eat Popsicles? Pipe out yogurt in a vague rectangular Popsicle shape and freeze for about an hour. pull them out and put a Popsicle stick in the slightly set yogurt (don’t push down!). Pipe a tad of yogurt on each side of the Popsicle stick, and then pip over the now level surface to mimic the bottom half’s shape. Freeze for 6 hour, and them pop off the sheet pan with a firm spatula. If you make these in large batches, wrap the finished product in wax paper (staple the ends shut), and store in a big freezer bag with all the air sucked out. If you freeze them without wrapping them, they will stick to each other and freeze that way.