Snickers Apple Salad

snickers apple salad

I love potluck desserts. I mean, pot lucks are what you do in the midwest. Small Party? ‘Errybuddy bring a dish. Church wedding? Bring a dish. Funeral? Bring flowers and a dish. Pagan ritual? Bring a dish. We all thrive on sharing and swapping and the feeling of community found within a potluck. Everybody knows everybody; and if they don’t you can get to know each other over Ms. Sander’s blackberry pie.
Now, I adore snickers apple salad; it involves three of my favorite foods; butterscotch pudding, apples, and caramel. It’s crisp and fluffy, tart and sweet, and its a good make ahead recipe for hot days and that neighborhood block party. There’s nothing like settling down at a patio table with a burger fresh off the grill, some homemade pasta salad, and a heaping pile of snickers apple salad.
Snickers Apple Salad
1c. cold milk
1 packet jello instant butterscotch pudding
6 apples (at least 3 of them granny smith)
6 snickers bars, utterly destroyed by smashing with a hammer
1 small tub cool whip
caramel topping

-Mix your pudding mid and milk together, following package directions. Fold in all of the cool whip and the completely decimated snickers bars.
-Cube apples into 1″ pieces and immediately put into the cool whip and pudding mix. Fold in apples and drizzle with caramel topping. Cover and refrigerate 1 hour before serving.
So good. So very good. snickers apple salad reminds me of eating a caramel apple without all the struggling with a sugar coated fruit on a stick. It’ great to make the night before, and its a good potluck recipe all year long. Thanks to globalization, apples are available all the time. Springtime easter (ostara) party? Snickers apple salad. Independence day backyard get-together? Snickers apple salad. Fall harvest ritual? Snickers apple salad. It’s always appropriate, and always delicious.