Easy Breakfast Turnovers



Ever have last minute overnight guests? Maybe your in-laws came to visit and the weather is a bit too bad to venture on, or some family members had one too many hot toddy on a cold night, and aren’t fit to drive. Either way, your guest room is full and in the morning someone is going to have to make breakfast.
Now, you have options here; Bus everyone over to ihop or denny’s and pay $60 for some pancakes and coffee, or destroy your kitchen in a hustle to make a morning meal for twice as many people as you’re used to. Those are the only options, right?
Nope! With just a few minutes of planning the evening before, you can avoid disaster entirely!
Now, I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping either a box of pie dough or phyllo dough in the freezer. Both are great for last minute baked good, but for turnovers I strongly suggest phyllo dough. In fact, I’m going to just say: “Use Phyllo Dough”. It’s flaky and perfect for turnovers. Use Phyllo Dough.
Now, the filling is also insanely easy; use canned pie filling. Have pumpkin pie filling? Pumpkin turnovers. Frozen cherries? Cherry turnovers. It’s always good to have a can of pie filling sitting around for just such an occasion.
When you’re ready to prep for your next morning breakfast rush, throw your phyllo dough in the fridge to thaw overnight, and before crashing from your guest filled adventures, line a sheet pan with parchment paper, and prep your coffee maker so you can just turn it on in the morning.
When you wake up the next morning (and try to aim for about 30, before everyone else), pull out your thawed phyllo dough and cut into 4″ squares. Fill each square with about 2-3 Tbsp of filling, fold over and coat the top with a quick egg wash and a sprinkle of sugar. Transfer to your sheet pan and bake at 325 for 12-15m. Let cool slightly and start your coffee maker. Done! Now everyone will think you are a baking genius who can magic turnover out of nowhere, or that you schlepped to the fancy French bakery to spoil them. Either way, you’re the hostess with the mostest.