Honey Butter





I was a pretty normal kid that grew up in the midwest. I lived with my mom and my grandparents in a little neighborhood where the kids ran from street to street playing, where your neighbors smiled and waved when you picked up the mail, where I walked only six blocks to school, and our idea of going out to eat involved an Old Country Buffet or a Sirloin Stockade on birthdays.
It was great for our family of four, since everyone liked something different. My mother loved fresh vegetables, so she hit the salad bad and piled her plates with her favorite nibbles. My grandmother was a grazer, so she always took a little of this and a bit of that (she likes to try everything). My grandfather just got piles of foods he liked, and I remember that he did not discriminate when it came to food. He’d try (and eat) anything. Me, I was a little of everyone in terms of eating habits- I loved the salad bar (if only for the dippable vegetables, ranch dressing, and cheese), and I’d try anything once, twice if I liked it.
But one of the most wondrous things found out in the wild of the buffet were the warm, fluffy dinner rolls, and sweet luscious honey butter in a large bowl on ice. As a kid I was amazed by the flavor, and it was the best thing to eat at the end of a meal. It’s even a dead easy potluck dish- a big pile of sweet rolls warming in a crockpot, and a heaping pile of honey butter on the side.
Honey butter is so easy, and it does on anything. You can skip syrup on pancakes or French toast if you use honey butter; You can slather it on toast as a sweet treat, you can serve it with biscuits, bagels, dinner rolls, popovers, muffins, cornbread; anything that could use a little butter and a little sweetness.
It’s also easy to spread compared to regular stick butter. The extra moisture loosens everything up and gives you a smooth, creamy spread that has a golden glow and is near impossible to resist.
Honey Butter
-1 stick generic, unsalted butter (no margarine please!), softened.
-1/4c. honey (I use local honey from my local health food store. it tastes so much better)

– Take your food processor or personal blending ( I love my magic bullet!), and throw your softened butter right on in. Pour your honey on top and give it a spin until it is all incorporated. Turn out into a nice bowl and poke in a butter knife. Done!

Now, you can make a lot of different variations on this quick recipe. You could blend in maple syrup instead of honey for maple butter, or add a splash of orange juice concentrate and some orange zest for orange butter. I personally enjoy lavender butter, made with reduced lavender syrup (water steeped with lavender, strained, and made into a simple syrup) and a few lavender buds mixed in. There are tons of possibilities, and they’re all wonderfully simple and creative ways to spice up your meals!