I’m going to Pahmp-You-Up


Anemia isn’t fun, you’re pale, you have cravings for weird things, you chew ice and take multivitamins to try to get your iron levels up. It’s maddening. By now I just induce my craving to chew ice, have liver for diner, and consume nearly raw red meat on a regular basis, as well as scarf down dark leafy greens as often as I can. It’s easier. I do, however have a tea I brew whenever I feel particularly run down- high iron tea steeps three herbs high in iron and can be mixed with any tea that can accept long steep times and re-brewing- I suggest oolong tea.
Yellow dock root is an herb very high in iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium, all good-for-you minerals needed to keep you healthy. Nettle leaves are also high in iron, but also in vitamin C, which assists your body in the absorption of iron. If you don’t take some vitamin C with your iron, it just runs right through you, so just to be on the safe side, add a squeeze of lemon to your tea.

2 parts oolong tea
1 part dried nettle leaf
1 part yellow dock leaf
1 part raspberry leaf
Steep near 205F for 4-5min

Now, you can omit the oolong tea, and steep this blend overnight and use as an infusion, and take a few tablespoons every six hours. It gives you a strong dose of good medicine instead of a leisurely sip, but also gives you a bigger helping of your iron and vitamin C.