Sleepy Time Tea



Anyone who had encountered me online knows I generally give myself a very early bedtime. I go to bed at 11 p.m., at the very most midnight even on my days off. It will take me a bit to doze off after I’ve cocooned myself in the biggest blanket I have and have rearranged my pillows to prop my head up at a funny angle, but most nights I’m out like a light within 30 minutes.
I do have my sleepless nights, however. Sometimes my schedule will throw me off, and my body just doesn’t want to gt tired, and other times my brain will buzz with a thousand thoughts all at once, usually when I’m worrying or excited about something. It can be very hard to sleep when your mind won’t shut the hell up. A sleep assisting tea is a good way to encourage sleep gently, making you drowsy without forcing sleep on you, and isn’t habit forming (unlike a lot of sleeping pills on the market.)
It’s really not too hard to make your own, and by making your own brew, you have customization and creativity on your side. It’s also dead easy to make, even when you’re dead tired, which makes it easy for those exhausted, red-eye evenings, and can be consumed any time you need to sleep. Chamomile is a well known herb for sleeplessness and drifting off quickly and easily, and lavender reduces stress, letting your mind settle before you sleep, and I’ve always enjoyed jasmine tea for this brew, just because it smells amazing.
1 part Chamomile
1 part dried lavender flower
1 part jasmine tea
Brew at 195F for 3 minutes.

There is no worry about it making you oversleep, since the herbs only motivate your body to relax and drift off, not hold you in an REM choke hold.
There’s also something inherently relaxing about making tea. Once you become a regular tea drinker, the creation of your liquid calm becomes a private ceremony between you and your tea kettle. The action of creating tea is soothing, and something you’ll look forward to in the evenings after work, or right before bed.