Early Morning Walks

Due to my morning schedule, I tend to find myself with free time in the morning, now. It’s nice, really. I can go home and get something done, go to breakfast, or take a walk around a park.

Having that time in the morning allows me to find some peace in my… hectic life. I have time to myself where all I hear is the silence of the rising sun and the rustling of the trees, or to settle down with a cup of coffee and a smiling face of my favorite waitress.

I took a walk around the lake today, and took a few snapshots of summer’s last hurrah.

The best part about the pictures I took this morning is not one needed to be retouched. The morning sun gave everything that perfect lighting.

I came across at least four spider webs this morning, but sadly they’re hard to focus on. The threads glittering in the morning sunlight reminded me of Arachne.

“For being so vain,” Athena swore “you will hang and spin forever”.

I couldn’t believe that even after the terrible winds and cold snap we’ve had, these flowers are blooming as bright and beautiful as they had been in the heat of the summer.

I came across some nightshade, too. Or I think it’s nightshade. I’m going to find myself a few leaves to bring home so I can identify them. They’re so pretty.

I found some browning garlic mustard plants. They had beautiful white flowers earlier this season, and even the browning blooms don’t disappoint.

The winterberry holly ready to feed hungry songbirds. So read, but poisonous. Probably won’t kill you, but I’m not eating a handful to find out.

So a quick walk around the park gave me plenty to enjoy.