I got a new haircut!

So xnite went and chopped off his locks for the sake of hunting for a job… and I did too! I cut off 9 inches total, just enough to donate to locks of love! I love being able to easily throw my hair around, and not having to tie it back all the time!

Also- Fun Fact! LookAfter hair company offers free hair cuts if you donate your hair to locks of love. I was discussing taking off so much hair with my stylist, and mentioned it was too bad I didn’t have 12″ of hair to cut, or I’d donate it. She informed me she only needed 9″, and I was already taking off 8″, so I told her to take another inch off and donate it! I was feeling good about donating again to locks of love (I did it one other time, when I was 15. Over 20″ of hair went to locks of love that day!), and at the end of the cut, she told me it was free! So they don’t talk about it at that salon, and if you’re considering donating, you might want to ask about their Locks of Love donation policy, you might get a pleasant┬ásurprise!