Enabling a Coffee Addiction

So, my boyfriend likes Starbucks Frappuccinos. The ones that come in the glass bottle in convenience stores everywhere. That are like $2 to $3 each. Eech.

Now that we’ve sufficiently drained our budget on cheaply made coffee with a green siren emblazoned on the logo, I decided to give a DIY version a go, with pleasant results.

Since Starbucks Fraps are nothing more than flavoring, coffee, and milk- that’s pretty much what I did.

Step one: Get out the coffee and flavoring; in this example is Coffee Mate hazelnut creamer, and Folgers Black Silk coffee. It’s delicious and strong and its just plain yummy.

xnite likes hazelnut.

Then we take our recycled, washed frappuccino bottles and we put them on a level surface that we don’t mind spilling on if we have a spaz-out moment, as I tend to do. The stove was already semi-messy from an earlier cooking endeavor, and I have like zero counter space, so I went with that.

Now, I have seven bottles. Six are the standard $2 frap size, and one is the gigantic $3 size, so adjust how much coffee you make to your needs. I put a decent amount of creamer/flavorings in, but for all seven, I still needed 12 cups of coffee. Don’t be a spaz like me and only make 8 cups and fill all but 2 and then have to make 4 more cups. You’ll feel silly.

So make your coffee…

And pour in about 1/2″ of creamer into the bottles, more if you like it extra creamy. If you prefer, you can use any other non-dairy creamer (or actual dairy I suppose. But for stability in the fridge in case one goes hiding behind the pickles or something, I’d rather use a non-dairy creamer), add chocolate syrup, add a dash of vanilla, or some peppermint flavoring. Whatever floats your boat, really. Like I said, xnite likes hazelnut, so hazelnut it is.

At this point, you pour your coffee in, make sure they’re all filled up to about an inch from the top…

Screw on the lids…

And you’re done! Stash ’em in the fridge and let them get chilly, and you’ve got your morning frap ready and raring to go!

Now, the cool part is, since you made them and screwed them shut while still hot, you’ve got suction on your side- once they chill out in the fridge for a few hours, the cooling creates a vacuum that seals the bottles even tighter! That means they last longer in your fridge and if you have more bottles, you can make like 20 of these at once. A whole week or two of cold coffee goodness just sitting there. Considering to make these you spend maybe… $5 (at most!) on 20, you’ve saved yourself nearly $35! Good going, you!

I will say unless you buy your own bottles in the first place, you will have to invest about $40 for 20 of these bottles, but that seems a little silly. If these are really popular where you work, ask your coworkers for the empty bottles, then peel off the stickers, and pop them in the dishwasher (or if you’re paranoid, make a weak solution of bleach in your kitchen sink and soak them before washing. Geeeeerms). Then you don’t have to spend diddly squat!

So there you are- feed your coffee addiction without breaking the bank! Score!