Oh Gods Why Did I Pick Up All Those Feathers?


Seriously. Why?

I went to the park today while my boyfriend was in class, and decided taking a walk sounded awesome. I love to walk around the park and enjoy nature. It’s so quiet and relaxing, and I usually find some fun keepsakes along the way. A pretty leaf or an acorn, maybe a stone that caught my eye or a little trinket that fell from someone’s hand as they too took a walk.

Or feathers. Did I mention I love feathers? I love feathers. They’re pretty and come in a million different shapes and they’re soft and… I’d better stop rambling now before I fill this post up with adjectives I can describe feathers with. Anyway, I went to the park during the heat of the summer, which conveniently happens to be molting season.

Two Words: Feathers everywhere. Seriously.

As soon as I saw I was looking as a park full of feathers (Goose feathers in particular), I grabbed a grocery bag and went to town. The best part was the fact that about 30 geese were also enjoying the park, and decided I looked very interesting. During my feather gathering, I had one approach within a foot of me (he seemed very disappointed that I didn’t have food, but didn’t hiss at me or do much more than give me curious looks), and a few of them ended up following me around as I picked up feathers. I’ve never met geese this friendly, but I think it helps that I’m not very afraid of them. They’re perfectly nice birds, really. I don’t see why people are so scared to get near them.

So when I got home, I got busy sorting and and wrapping and storing, and came up with this massive pile of feathers.

It’s not the bestest image I could muster, but it was the only way to fit all the feathers in the picture. So many!

More detail shots and a few more feathers under the cut!

These are some of the smaller feathers near the bottom of the pile. The white and brown/white/blue ones are from a Mallard and his mate that I came across. They were enjoying the shade near the base of a tree and waddled away shortly after I came around. I took a peek where they were sitting and found lots and lots of adorably small feathers, some white, some with beautiful iridescent blue stripes, and 3 with the nice zebra-like print of the female.

At this point, I think I’ll be bringing them to a group and letting some people take a few home. I love feathers, but I don’t love them enough to keep 300 of them. Besides, I’m hearing rumors a friend of mine has a large art project she’d love to take on that involves lots and lots and lots and lots (did I mention lots?) of feathers. I think I’ll be visiting the park as often as I can and hopefully be able to get her enough to start!

Now I know my pile o’ feathers just doesn’t do my current aviary inventory a lot of justice, so here’s just a couple of shots of just the big feathers, the largest on a goose.

So that’s it! Faboo feathers!