Brains…. Braaaaaaaaaaains. 1

So. Zombies out in Florida, huh?

I just saw this a few days ago, the attack by Rudy Eugene where he ate Ronald Poppo’s face- along with a few pastebin pastes (here, here, and here) about some sort of creepy timeline about zombies. People are perpetuating rumors about an LQP-79 virus that degenerates the brain, saying it was the cause of the insane mofo that ate some other guy’s face. Y’know, zombies have been the ‘it thang’ of horror recently. The Walking Dead on AMC,  Zombieland, Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, etc etc etc. People have published books about how to deal with zombies, how zombies came about, how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Perfectly normal people are obsessed with the idea of surviving the zombie apocalypse and find it fun (and sometimes a very important conversation to have with family and friends) to discuss it.

Zombies and the theory of zombies are very plausible. Zombies are pretty scary- I mean, they bite people and then you turn into one. That’s bad. I don’t believe Mr. Eat-someones-face-off was a zombie, but it does bother me that the press is flip-flopping on what this guy took that made him decide his stomach had the rumblies only human facial flesh could satisfy. First he did PCP, then LSD, then bath salts (FYI, gory guy-that-got-his-face-ate pictures along with crime scene pictures after the cut. Don’t like yicky squishy things? Don’t click.) Sooo… yep. They can’t really get the story straight, and I don’t think they ever will


UPDATE: ANOTHER mofo eating people! This time he ate his roomate’s heart and brain. WHAT!?!?!!?!?! Dear gods.