Ramen Ramen Everywhere

Ramen is the staple of most college kid diets. Everyone eats ramen. You can get ramen singly, in 6 packs, 12 packs, and gigantic packages that hold like… 50. They’re cheap, easy to cook, and incredibly versatile. Everyone has at least one pack in their pantry for that one night they really don’t want to cook.

Ramen in general is also really unhealthy. White flour noodles, salt, salt and more salt. Not good on its down.

But if you add something healthy to it, at least you can use the unhealthy noodles as a vehicle for something healthy. Hence my boyfriend’s recipe for quick veggie ramen.

Recipe after the jump!

Quick Veggie Ramen

Serves: 2

-2 packs ramen, beef, chicken, spicy chicken, whatever you like (I’m using beef this time!)

-1/2 bag frozen california vegetable mix

-2 Tbsp teriaki sauce

-1 Tbsp sriracha sauce

That’s what I used. Pretty darn simple.

-Throw your vegetables in a smidge of vegetable oil in a pot with a lid. Heat it to medium, close the lid, and let it go during cooking. Give it a poke with your spoon or a good shake now and then. You don’t want big black patches, but a little scorching isn’t bad. Kinda tasty.

-Throw some water in a pot to boil. Seperate the powder from the beef ramen and set aside. Go wash dishes or  something while the veggies cook and the water boils.

-Once the water is boiling, throw the noodles in for about 2-4 minutes. You’re looking for pliable, but not fall-apart mushy. Drain them in a colander, but return them to the pot while they’re still dripping. You want a little liquid left.

-Toss in the ramen packets (if you don’t like salt, use one. If you want more, add more. Experiment.), and stir. Add in your teriaki and your siriacha. Turn off the heat on your veggies and dump them right in and mix those in too. Serve hot.

Takes 10 minutes and it’s pretty darn yummy.