Best Facemask Ever! 1

So, I have crap skin. It’s yicky, and moody, and is always doing something I don’t like, whether it be dry or oily or breaking out. I never have good luck with facemasks, because they either dry my face out, or leave some sort of sticky poo on it.

But now I’ve figured out a delightful facemask that is dirt cheap and easy to make!


Easy-Peasy Blender facemask!

1/4 c. Oatmeal, legit oatmeal- not easy oats, not microwavable. SERIOUS. LEGIT. OATMEAL.

5 uncoated aspirin

3-4 drops tea tree oil

2 tbsp water, give or take

1 Tbsp Resinol (seriously. Get a jar. It’s awesome. Good on cuts, scrapes, burns, zits, and general boo-boos)



Throw your oatmeal and aspirin in your ninja, magic bullet, food processor (what have you) and pulverize it into a powder. You’re looking at a flour consistency- not cornmeal.

Dump this into a disposable cup and add a few drops of tea tree oil. Give it a shake and get it all nice and mixed.

Add your water, maybe another teaspoon or so if need be. A paste similar to toothpaste is a suitable texture to aim for. Add in your resinol and mix thoroughly. You need it to be a smooth (ish), but slightly sticky-ooey-gooey paste.

Apply your weird off-white goo onto your face, maybe with a popsicle stick. I used my hands. Keep it on for 15-20 minutes, picking off the hard crusty bits before using hot water and a washcloth to get the goo underneath off.

The oatmeal is good for your skin, the aspirin is an excellent drying agent for the oils, the tea tree oil is an antiseptic, and the resinol makes all the general face boo-boos go away! Easy peasy!