So last night I created a new flying ointment blend with Mugwort, Belladonna, and Wormwood. I was so excited when I strained it, because it was an absolutely lovely absinthe green, and smelled so lovely. My apprentice commented it looked good enough to drink, and I reminded her it would kill […]

Flying Ointment; In process, and complete!

Ancestor worship (or as I prefer to call it, ancestor veneration) has been prevalent throughout the ages everywhere on this planet. Humans are known to honor and mourn their closest family members and friends when they die, and in many cultures, continued offerings, visitations, and conversations with the dead are […]

Honoring the beloved dead- building and keeping an Ancestor Altar

I’ve been to many rituals, a lot of them… weren’t that great. I’ve thought about this a lot, and why they didn’t work, and why others did. So I made a list of the 7 things you can do to improve a ritual, no matter what tradition you belong to. The 7 […]

Making a Ritual Work

        Graveyard dirt is an ingredient found often within hoodoo traditions, but has carried over to American magic. Procured from a graveyard, one must come to a grave, ask for permission to take the earth from the grave (from the head, never the foot), and leave three […]

Graveyard Dirt; Magical uses

Hot foot powder is another hoodoo ingredient that has edged its was into the American magic scene. Made of cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, and a myriad of other distasteful ingredients from graveyard dirt to shattered snail shells, it is used to chase someone away, and give them “hot feet”. […]

Magical Ingredients; Hot foot powder