Proper Tea

  I’ve heard so many pregnant women moan about morning sickness. Nobody likes to be queasy, but for some reason the human body seems to think nausea and barfing first thing in the morning is an excellent way to begin baby making. Everyone complains about the bouts of morning sickness, […]

Morning Sickness Tea

  Lavender lemonade is as much of a tea as it is a fantastic party beverage. It is created by steeping and herb for a period of time, and then adding accents (i.e. sugar and lemon.) The drink comes out a powerful hot pink, and is the perfect beverage for […]

Lavender Lemonade

Anemia isn’t fun, you’re pale, you have cravings for weird things, you chew ice and take multivitamins to try to get your iron levels up. It’s maddening. By now I just induce my craving to chew ice, have liver for diner, and consume nearly raw red meat on a regular […]

I’m going to Pahmp-You-Up

  Now, usually I’m not one to get heartburn. As a child I adored spice, pungent, and acidic flavors. I still have memories of old, retired veterans at the VFW doting on the 6-year-old me, and finding it hilarious that one of the snacks I loved so much were the […]

Heartburn Relief Tea

  Anyone who had encountered me online knows I generally give myself a very early bedtime. I go to bed at 11 p.m., at the very most midnight even on my days off. It will take me a bit to doze off after I’ve cocooned myself in the biggest blanket […]

Sleepy Time Tea