Easy Snacks

I love yogurt; It’s tangy and sweet and has all those good bacteria inside. You can add fruit or honey or vegetables and make snacks or dip or smoothies or ice cream. It’s such a versatile, yet undervalued ingredient in the typical American Household. What I really love, however, are […]

Yogurt bites (And Popsicles!)

      I was a pretty normal kid that grew up in the midwest. I lived with my mom and my grandparents in a little neighborhood where the kids ran from street to street playing, where your neighbors smiled and waved when you picked up the mail, where I […]

Honey Butter

  I love soybeans. They’re healthy, full of vitamins and proteins, and are relatively low calories. xnite is not a huge fan of soybeans. He thinks green = icky. Usually if I use edamame in a stirfry or in ramen, he’ll eat around them, thus losing out on nutritional goodness. […]

Spicy Edamame Ravioli