Potstickers and I are a match made in heaven. I love potstickers and dumplings, and when I was in high school I packed them all the time for lunch. We had a tiny little asian market that sold shrimp, pork, chicken and vegetarian potstickers. Every week I picked up a […]

Pork Potstickers

  I love good, cheap food. I really do. And I love feeling comfortable buying in bulk. A few days ago I found a tidy little sale in pork sirloin cuts, and snatched up a long center cut. I cut it into thirds, and froze two. The third I subjected […]

Fall Apart Crockpot Pork

I love yogurt; It’s tangy and sweet and has all those good bacteria inside. You can add fruit or honey or vegetables and make snacks or dip or smoothies or ice cream. It’s such a versatile, yet undervalued ingredient in the typical American Household. What I really love, however, are […]

Yogurt bites (And Popsicles!)

snickers apple salad
I love potluck desserts. I mean, pot lucks are what you do in the midwest. Small Party? ‘Errybuddy bring a dish. Church wedding? Bring a dish. Funeral? Bring flowers and a dish. Pagan ritual? Bring a dish. We all thrive on sharing and swapping and the feeling of community found […]

Snickers Apple Salad